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fraserview village fireside lounge

Take a video tour of the interior


Suitable for smaller functions
Air Conditioned
Room capacity: 44 (seated with tables & chairs)


Equipped with:


  • Tables: 12 folding tables - 24 x 48"

  • Chairs: 44 folding upholstered chairs

  • Cozy fireside setting with comfortable couches & tables

  • Additional space to set up tables & chair

  • Partial kitchen: with counter, sink, refrigerator, microwave

  • Shuffleboard table

  • Pool table

  • Approx. 30 x 50 feet

  • Washrooms (down a flight of stairs)

(patrons unable to use the stairs must go outside, down the driveway
next to the building, and enter through a door that someone on the
inside opens for them)

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